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General Rules

Updated: 2016-03-24 08:16

Rules of the Game

In order for the game to work and be fair for all users, the following basic rules have been written. The rules are not static, but are continually updated as the game evolves. It is therefore suggested that all users periodically read the rules.

LH Pro

Once you have received your team in LiveHockey, you have the option to purchase the service LH Pro. For those who would like to experience just that little more, LH Pro is the perfect add-on service.

» LH Store
» LH Pro functions

Being an active manager

It is important to be an active manager in the game. If you do not log in to your account for seven (7) weeks, you will receive an email stating that you must login. If you do not login for one more week, your place as team manager will be inactivated due to your extended absence. If you have prolonged holidays, or some other circumstance, we recommend that you have the LH Pro function. Teams/Users with LH Pro are not inactivated due to extended absences (as long as your LH Pro membership is paid/active).

Multiple Teams

It is NOT allowed to have more than one team. Many people want to play LiveHockey and it is not fair to force "hungry" managers to wait in line to receive one team when others have multiple teams. Having only one team per user also elmininates potential cheating allegations with regards to players being transfered between teams. One team per person. It is however ok to have one team per person and several persons in the same family. But, when that situation occurs, it is recommended you message the game leaders so they are aware that there are more than one member playing on the same computer. This will avoid misunderstanding with the game leaders and transfer police. It is also against rules that users in the same house buy and sell players to each other.

As a user you have the responsibility to ONE team and only login to ONE team. Please read more in the under paragraphs Friend/Buddy logins and Friend/Buddy transfers.

In the event that any user disregards the above rules, they will be suspended from the game and not be refunded any money equivalent to a remaining membership. This money will be forfeited to LiveHockey.

Responsibility of your Account

You, as a user, are responsible for everything that happens with your own account. This means you should be very careful with your password and logins so that no unauthorized person(s) can access your account. For example, if your meddelsome little brother or your enemy at school accesses your account and fires your star player or draws up a junior, or sells a player for you, it is not the responsibility of the LiveHockey Management to fix this problem. All such requests are denied.

Account information

It is your responsibility as a user to ensure all details of your account are correct and up to date. It is not allowed to use a friend's or relatives name to get a second (or more) team.

The email address you gave intially for your team with LiveHockey the email address all contact from LiveHockey will be carried out through. Should you change your email address it is essential you change that information under your user.

The best alternative is to use an email address from a private internet subscription.

LiveHockey DOES NOT sell any information give to us by users.

Friend/Buddy Logins

One team, One manager. He/she who owns the team is the administrator of his/her own team. This means that no one else can/should login to your team. This also applies to holidays and extended absences.

"Friend/Buddy transfers" are NOT allowed. You may not do a friendly trade of player(s) by placing an overbid on your friends player(s). Overbidding refers to prices higher than the average/normal transfer price of comparable players on the market.

It is also not allowed to systematically buy players from friends for the "right" price. Trading between family members is not allowed under any circumstances. Violation of this rule risks that all involved teams be turned off.

You may not "give away" your team to anyone.


If you find a bug, a type, or whatever it may be, please contact the game leaders so we can fix it. If you find a bug that exploits the game, it is regarded as cheaing. Report all bugs to us via forum.


It is not allowed to advertise, or otherwise promote any other company, product or game on LiveHockeys website. LiveHockey owns all rights to rename teams or venues that do not follow these rules. If you are interested in advertising with us, let us know by contacting us via

Names, logos and other copyrighted material

As a member you may upload your own logo, but you need to make sure that if you upload copyrighted material or image that you own the rights to use that material or image.
Your material must not contain pornography, violence or hate words. It must not cause damage or inconveniece to LiveHockey or any of its users.

LiveHockey reserves the right to remove any material or image uploaded that may be considered objectionable, harmful (ex racist, pornographic or otherwise), or otherwise unfit to be associated with LiveHockey.

LiveHockey does not take any responsibility for your uploaded material. By reading this you agree to keep LiveHockey harmless and free from persecution with regards to any claim arising out of the material/image or logo you have chosen to upload.

All names chosen for use on LiveHockey must be unique. There cannot be two teams or usernames with identical spelling. Any name choosen for a team, arena and or supporters club must be chosen carefully so that they are not offensive or discriminatory. Names may not contain profanity or sexual innuendos.

All names choosen consist of the letters A-Z, a-z and the digits 0-9. Underscores and spaces may be used as separator between words. Spaces may only be used one at a time and only between words. It is not allowed to choose names intending to confuse opponents or names reserved for game features. Examples of these are "lower (XXXX )" or "Fired Player". There may be other more administrative names reserved for the game. If you are uncertain about a name change, as a Game Leader before changing.

Sending Messages

It is not allowed to send messages to other managers regarding the selling of players. If you wish to advertise a player you have placed on the transfer list, you may only do so in the forum "Player Sales".

Game Leaders

For your own sake you should keep track of who are the Game Leaders in LiveHockey. The Game Leaders will NEVER ask for your password. Do not give our your password to anyone. It is not permitted to mislead anyone into thinking you are a game leader if you are not. Anyone doing this will be viewed in the same way as cheating in the game.

Managers who violate any of LiveHockeys rules will be disqualified from the game (lose their team and account). LiveHockey management has the right to exclude any and all managers who threaten or otherwise violate the rules.

Other problems not specified in the rules/regulations will be treated on an individual basis with regards to possible sanctions/consequences.

If you have ideas on how we can improve the game, we would love to hear them. Please leave a post in the forum "Tips and Improvements".

» Tips and Improvements

Finally, take care of each other and help each other in the game. Please help make LiveHockey a better game without cheating.

Good Luck!

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