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Updated: 2016-11-18 20:58

In LiveHockey you can buy and sell players. You can search for players to purchase through the use of the transfer list, and the following alternatives.

  • Position
  • Attributes
  • Age
  • Experience
  • Value
  • Price
  • Latest Bid
  • Nationality
  • Club/stick angle

If you wish to sell a player, you first need to determine the starting price for your player and how long you wish him to be on the transfer market for. You can choose from 2 (two), 3 (three) or 4 (four) days. If no team bids on your player, he will remain in your squad. The cost to transfer list a player is 7500 LHD per player, per transfer listing. You may tranfer list a player as many times as you wish. The base starting price is 10 000 LHD.

Every player has a 'transfer history' that all managers can see. You even have the ability to see other teams transfer history which shows every player they have purchased or sold in the teams history.


To place a bid on a player you must have enough money available in your bank account. See "Economy".

When you have sold a player your agent takes 3% of the selling amount and a further 5% is given to the players mother club. Your club receives 92% of the selling amount.

Example 1:
Team #1 has sold Pelle to Team #2. Pelle has Team 1 as his mother club. In this trade, team 1 receives 92% of the amount Pelle was sold for, 3% goes to the agent and 5% goes to a foundation for the advancement of new players.
If you rebuy a player where your club is mother club there is no 5% reward to your club, neither if you sell the same player a second time

Example 2:
Team #1 has sold Pelle to Team #2. Pelle has team 1 as his mother club. Team 2 sells Pelle to Team #3. Team 2 therefore gets 92% of the amount Pelle has sold for, 3% goes to the agent, and Team 1 gets 5%.

If you fire a player, the player will automatically be placed back on the transfer list. As you have fired the player, no money will come to your club at transfer. The parent club will still receive money from the purchase.

Rules for Bidding

  • You cannot bid if your current bid is the highest bid.
  • You cannot bid on your own players on the transfer market.
  • If a bid is below 1 000 000 LHD your bid must be at least 10 000 LHD higher than the last bid.
  • If a bid is over 1 000 000 LHD, your bid must be at least 2% higher than the last bid.
  • If a bid is under 1 000 000 LHD you may not bid higher than 500 000 LHD.
  • If a bid is over 1 000 000 LHD you may not bid more than 100% higher.

If someone bids on a player and there are less than 3 (three) minutes remaining until his deadline, the deadline will be moved forward in time 3 minutes from the latest bid.

Deadline 19:50:00
A bid comes in at 19:49:00
New deadline 19:52:00

Deadline of a player is taken from the second on the clock that player has been put on the transfer market for sale. Take note of what time it is when you put out your player.

If you put a player out for sale at 19:49:47 och väljer två dygn framåt
så blir spelarens deadline om två dagar kl 19:49:47

NOTE! You cannot set a deadline for a player on Monday between the hours of 2100 and 2300. That time frame is reserved for server maintenance of LiveHockeys servers. It is ok for users to do anything else on LiveHockeys site in that time, although minor disturbances may occur.

Selling players before/during a match

If you sella player before 1800, the player will move to his new team and not be in your team roster for the game, replaced by another player. If you sell a player under match time, the player will play the match and move to his new team after the game is over.

Bonus to Players

A sold player may not change clubs for the first 4 (four) weeks (28 days). If you purchase a player you must keep him in your team for at least 4 weeks before you can sell him again (or fire him). A players receives a bonus when he is sold. The size of the bonus depends on how long he has been in your team.

A junior you draw up from your Youth Section is not included in this rule. Any player brought into your team as a junior will not receive this bonus the first time he is sold. Below you will find the percentage of bonus a player receives when he is sold.

Week   Bonus
5th week   20% of the selling amount
6th week   15% of the selling amount
7th week   10% of the selling amount
8th week   5% of the selling amount
9th week   3% of the selling amount
10th week   2% of the selling amount
11th week   1% of the selling amount
12th week   0% of the selling amount

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