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Updated: 2016-09-01 09:21

When you first start playing liveHockey you will get an arena with a capacity of 5000 seats (long side 3500 and the short side of 1500). When your team starts filling the arena with spectators it might be time to expand to a bigger arena.

It is important that you carefully plan the size of your arena in order to get as much income as possible. If your arena is too large your rental costs will be too high in relation to the income received from paying spectators. With any adjustment on your arena's size you will be required to pay a base fee, plus changing/building/demolition fee.


Your arena must have certain predetermined proportions. Below you will find the limits for each section.

Shortside: 1 500 - 40 000 seats, least 25% max 50% of the total capacity of your arena.
Longside: 3 500 - 85 000 seats, least 35% max 75% of the total capacity of your arena.
VIP: 0 - 8 000 seats, max 15% of the total capacity of your arena.

The division of your arena when you receive it is 30/70/0 (%).

Picture of Arena

We now have pictures of your arena. The image is relative to the size/number of seats of your arena. There are 6 (six) different sizes. This is a feature available to everyone with LH Pro.

Construction Costs

Below you can find the costs for expanding your arena.

Basic Fee   350 000 LHD
Shortside   175 LHD/seat
Longside   300 LHD/seat
VIP   1500 LHD/seat

Example: if you wish to expand your arena with 3000 seats, 1000 on the short side, 1500 on the long side and 500 in the VIP gallery, it will cost you 1,725,000 LHD (350,000 in the basic fee, 175,000 LHD for the short side, 450,000 LHD for the long side and 750,000 for the VIP seats).

Demolition costs

Below you will find the costs to demolish or take away seats.

Basic Fee   200 000 LHD
Shortside   30 LHD/seat
Longside   40 LHD/seat
VIP   60 LHD/seat

Example: If you wish to remove 4 000 seats from your arena, 1 500 from the short side, 2 000 from the long side and 500 from the VIP gallery, it will cost you 355 000 LHD (200 000 in basic fee, 45 000 for the short side, 80 000 for the long side and 30 000 for the VIP seats).

Public Revenue/Income

Public revenue or income is the team's main source of income and therefore it is very important that your arena is optimized for maximum revenue in proportion to the rent. Revenue is based on which division you are in, meaning that placing in a higher division will garner more income to your team than in a lower division. Below you will find the breakdown by division.

Shortside: 61 LHD/seat
Longside: 111 LHD/seat
VIP: 221 LHD/seat

Shortside: 61 LHD/seat
Longside: 111 LHD/seat
VIP: 221 LHD/seat

Division 1
Shortside: 60 LHD/seat
Longside: 107 LHD/seat
VIP: 215 LHD/seat

Division 2
Shortside: 58 LHD/seat
Longside: 104 LHD/seat
VIP: 209 LHD/seat

Division 3
Shortside: 56 LHD/seat
Longside: 101 LHD/seat
VIP: 203 LHD/seat

Division 4
Shortside: 55 LHD/seat
Longside: 98 LHD/seat
VIP: 197 LHD/seat

Division 5
Shortside: 53 LHD/seat
Longside: 95 LHD/seat
VIP: 191 LHD/seat

Division 6
Shortside: 52 LHD/seat
Longside: 93 LHD/seat
VIP: 185 LHD/seat

Arena rent

Rent is a progressive factor which means it will be more expensive per seat as your arena grows in size.

Cost of Short Side seats

0-2 499 seats costs 4 LHD/seat
2 500-4 999 seats costs 5 LHD/seat
From here the cost rises 1 LHD/seat with every 2 500 seat interval.

Cost for Long Side seats

0-9 999 seats costs 7 LHD/seat
10 000-14 999 seats costs 9 LHD/seat
From here the cost rises 2 LHD/seat with every 5 000 seat interval.

Cost for VIP seats

0-499 seats costs 15 LHD/seat
500-999 seats costs 18 LHD/seat
From here the cost rises 3 LHD/seat with every 500 seat interval.

Arena name

You have the opportunity to change the name of your arena any time during the season, with exception of when it is under construction. A name change will cost your club 100 000 LHD. The name of your arena may not exceed 30 characters in length.

If the Game management deems your arena name inappropriate, they reserve the right to change your arena name. Learn more about naming convention under General Rules.

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