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LH Cup

Updated: 2016-04-05 20:54

LH Cup is for all teams between Elite and Division 5 and is played in 11 rounds.

In the first round,the 1000 lower ranked teams from the previous season play. Ranking is based on division, placing in divisions, points, goal difference and the most goals made last season. No teams are seeded in the tournament.

In round two all remaining teams play their first match. The lower ranked team plays on home ice. From round 5 (five) and onward home ice is chosen by lottery/slump between the teams.

To view rankings, click on "Series system" and then on the link "Ranking" to the right.

Which teams may participate?

All teams that play in division 5 and higher automatically play in the cup. You do not need to submit your team to the cup. Cup matches are listed on the same page as regular series matches.

Which teams move on?

The cup is played as a "best of one" match. The team that wins moves on to the next round in the cup. If there is a tie at the end of regular play, overtime/sudden death must be played until one team scores a goal.

Computer controlled "bot" teams are teams that do not have an active manager. If a computer controlled team plays a cup match against a team with an active manager, the "bot" team loses the game on WO (walkover) with a result of 5-0. If two "bot" teams play each other in a cup match, the home team winds on WO with the result 1-0. Bot team names are displayed in italic text.

Spectator Income

Up to and including round 4 (four), the lower ranked of the teams has home ice advantage. The "home" team takes 70% of the public/spectator income and the "away" team receives 30%. This only applies up to and including round 4 (four). From round 5 (five) and onward, the public/spectator income is divided evenly between the teams.

Prize money

Prize money is rewarded the night after the cup round is played.

Round    Prize money
2    50 000 LHD
3    75 000 LHD
4    100 000 LHD
5    150 000 LHD
6    170 000 LHD
7    190 000 LHD
Eight team final    500 000 LHD
Quarterfinal    1 000 000 LHD
Semifinal    2 000 000 LHD
Final    4 000 000 LHD
Winner    10 000 000 LHD

Cup layout

Round    Nr of teams left
1    1524
2    1024
3    512
4    256
5    128
6    64
7    32
8    16
9    8
10    4
11    2

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