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Updated: 2017-12-21 08:13

In LiveHockey there are 6 (six) different types of matches (see below).

  • Training matches
  • Series matches
  • Playoff matches
  • Qualification matches
  • Cup matches
  • Friendly matches

You must have submitted your team lineup or roster at least 60 (sixty) minutes before the game start. To submit the lineup, open the menu item "Games" on the left menu. Once there, choose which game you wish to submit in and then choose "Your Team" If you forget to do this for a game, there is a 'standard' setup that will play the game, but to be absolutely sure you get the right formation for each game, it is best to be active.

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Using a mobile device, you may submit your team for match using the view "Simple", which you can find on top the page.

If there is an empty place in your lineup, or your 'standard' team lacks a player(s), these positions will automatically be filled in before the game is played.

All matches are played in 3 (three) periods. A period is 20 game minutes long. If the match is tied at the end of 60 minutes, a 5 (five) minute overtime is played. If either team scored during this five minute period, the match is ended. If the match is still tied at the end of overtime, the match ends as such. This does not hold true in playoffs, cup and qualifying matches. They cannot end in a tie. In these matches, overtime will continue until one team scores. All playing players will receive a match grade.

Pulling the goalie

The goalie can be pulled from play ONLY when your team is trailing by one (1) goal and the match is in it's last minute. You must have actively chosen the check box that you wish to pull your goalie. The goalie WILL NOT be pulled in the final minute of play if the puck is in your defensive zone. The goalie will not be pulled if you're in the lead or if your team is trailing by more than one goal.

One LiveHockey minute is two (2) real time minutes. Game times are as follows:


  • 19.00 - 19.40, Period 1
  • Pause
  • 19.50 - 20.30, Period 2
  • Pause
  • 20.40 - 21.20, Period 3
  • Pause
  • 21.30 - 21.40, Sudden death


  • 17.00 - 17.40, Period 1
  • Pause
  • 17.50 - 18.30, Period 2
  • Pause
  • 18.40 - 19.20, Period 3
  • Pause
  • 19.30 - 19.40, Sudden death

Point division

The division of points in a series game is as follows.

  • Win = 3 points
  • Win in overtime = 2 points
  • Tie = 1 point
  • Loss in overtime = 1 point
  • Loss = 0 points

Training matches

All training matches are played on tuesdays*. During a training game, it is good practice to allow players who do not normally play, play. If a player is injured, he will not play either series matches or training matches until he is injury-free.

* During the serie break week 12 and 13, for teams who do not play playoff or qualifiers matches at the same time, you can play friendly games. This means that everyone has the opportunity to receive extra training playing friendlies thursdays at 19:00.

Training games may be played in one of two ways. Either a match ends in a tie, or it must be decided with overtime. The first time of match is called "training" and the second type is called "playoff".

For how to book a training match see: "Challenges".

Computer controlled bot teams

Computer controlled bot teams are teams that do not have an active manager. These teams play league matches but the players match performance is adjusted. if a computer controlled team plays a qualifying or cup match against a team with an active manager, the "bot" team loses the game on WO (walkover) with a result of 5-0. If two "bot" teams play each other in a playoff or cup match, the home team winds on WO with the result 1-0. Bot team names are displayed in italic text.


When a team has one player more on the ice because of a penalty, this is a powerplay. In powerplay, the team that is 'short' a player loses any advantage they have created. In this situation it is important that your players have good shooting and passing skills. it is also important to find a good balance on the ice between your players.

A powerplay which consists of five game skilled players but no goalscorer is an ineffective powerplay. Just as a powerplay with only shooters but nobody who can attack. it is very important to find a good balance between game skilled players, roughnecks and talented scorers. It can also be good to think about HOW the shooters are positioned. If they shoot right away or need to receive a pass first.


As in powerplay, you need to find a good balance between your players. This applies to having both agressive, defensive and skilled players. It certainly won't hurt if players have a good fitness level as well. Anyone who has ever played short-handed knows how hard it is. It comes to being in the right place at the right time, otherwise you risk getting a "goal in the butt". A good balance between players is a must and it is important to have good defenderas, and fast, agressive players to play during the entire penalty time if needed.

If you choose to include a player in powerplay or boxplay that is not included in your regular lineup, you should understand that this player will not get credit for extra training. To be eligible for training dose, a player must play in one of your 3 lineups in a regular match, OR have replaced an injured player during the match.

Choose play time for your lines

Below are the different schemas you can choose for your lines. Each letter corresponds to one minute on the ice. The line you choose on the tactics page corresponds to a letter that will play during that minute...except when a penalty happens. The the schema for powerplay and/or boxplays is enforced.

Standard (34% 34% 32%)
Sudden:   ABCAB
Mostly A and B (40% 40% 20%)
Sudden:   ABABC
A Most, Some B and a little C (40% 35% 25%)
Sudden:   ABABC
Mostly A, B and C equal (40% 30% 30%)
Sudden:   ABCAB
Mostly A and B, a little C (45% 35% 20%)
Sudden:   ABABC
Mostly A and B, very little C (45% 40% 15%)
Sudden:   ABABC

Friendly Matches

You can play extra friendly matches with your friends. It is possible to play up to 3 extra games per day. This allows you to play a lot of matches in a short time with your friends.

Friendly matches can be played Monday through Friday at 11:00, 15:00 and 19:00, Saturdays and Sundays at 09:00, 13:00 and 17:00. Friendly matches may not be played when there is a previously booked series or training match.

Friendly matches do not have any effect on form, nor do they give "training" to a player. Any injuries that occur in a friendly match are erased/removed right after the match ends. No statistics are registered for friendly matches.

Booking a friendly match costs 1 LH Credit. You can purchase LH Credits in the LH Shop.

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