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Maneuvering LiveHockey

Updated: 2015-11-24 20:33

Here is a quick guide on where to find things at LiveHockey.

At the top of the page, you will find a horizontal menu. Here you can find all the features that have to do with you the user... for example, account settings

The following briefly describes what you'll find under each menu.

The Top Menu


Here you can read about what happens in LiveHockey (for example new features and game updates). Take a look at this page from time to time to keep yourself updated on what is happening at LiveHockey. This page is the first page you see when you login.


Here you can change your password. Settings such as email address, add your mobile phone number, and adding a website are optional. Some data is visible to all users on LiveHockey (see the rules on PUL).

Game Rules

Here you find all the game rules of LiveHockey. Read them thoroughly.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the game, we recommend you first take a look at the Game Rules, as well as FAQ pages. If you cannot find your answer, please do not hesitate to contact those listed on the page.

LH Pro

All the features you get when you become a paying member om LH. See page "About LH Pro" for more info.

Logging Out

It is important that no one else has access to your team. Logout when you have finished playing the game for now.

My Team

Team Info (Your Team Name)

Here you will find comprehensive information about your team. During the season pause you may change the name of your team, between week 12 day 5 up to and including week 13 day 6.


it is important that you keep track of your series standings. Here you can see how your team is doing in relationship to other in your series. Are you are close to reaching a qualification up (or down) in the league system?


Here you will find all your players. Players are grouped by position (goalies, defenders and forwards). You can get an overview of each players' characteristics/attributes by clicking on each players name.

Lineup (LH Pro)

Here is where you can setup your team befoer the next match.

If you have LH Pro, you can drag and drop your players into position you would like them to play in the next match. You can also choose to download your team roster from a previous match for easy setup if you wish.


All season matches can be found here. It is also where you should submit your roster for each game.

Next to each game you will find an icon. This icon shows all mutual statistics between you and your opponent.

Player stats

Here you'll find all types of different stats.
Scoring Stats- goals and passing.
Penalty Stats- penalty minutes.
Goalie Stats- saves and goals against.
Training matches- stats for training matches.
Cup matches- stats for cup matches.

Arena (LH Pro)

Here you can build, demolish or rename your arena. You can also see how big (or small) your arena is.

With LH Pro you also get a picture of your arena. This picture changes automatically in reference to the size of your arena.

Training (LH Pro)

When your players are not playing in a match, they are practicing. It is you, the manager, who decides what each player should practice or train. It is more efficient to train on many different characteristics than one attribute for several weeks in a row.

Economy (LH Pro)

Finances/economy is/are important for any club. Here you will be able to review your income and expenditures.

With LH Pro, you can access statistics several seasons back.


Check here to see how many supporters your team has.

Youth Section (LH Pro)

The key to any successful team is it's juniors. Here you can adjust how much money to invest in your juniors. The key is to think long term.

With LH Pro you get access to statistics on every junior you have ever had.


Here you will be able to find and manage your staff. Coach, assistant coach, team doctor and scout.

Current Bids

Under Current bids you can see all the players which you have for sale, as well as players you have bid on.

Manager Tools


If anyone has sent you a message you will be able to retrieve it here. You can also send messages to other managers on LiveHockey here.

With LH Pro you can even save messages you do not want to lose.

Forum (LH Pro)

This is the discussion area where you can write, for example, what you think of the latest game.

With LH Pro you will get access to an extra forum for members, the LH Pro Forum


If you have been challenged by another manager for a Training match or Friendly match, you will find that challenge here. Training games are played on Tuesdays at 19.00. Friendly matches have different times.


Here you can search for different players, teams, users and or arenas by name or number.


Here is the best place to find players to buy. It might take a little work and patience before you find just the right player(s) to fit into your team.


Under Divisions you will find a list of all of LiveHockey's series. You will also find Cup information such as matches, ranking and scoring leaders. There is even a list of previous cup winners.

Favorites (LH Pro)

Under Favorites you can find players, divisions, teams, users and/or forums you can save to your list.

Notes (LH Pro)

Here you can save your thoughts or any general notes you wish to remember.

Stats (LH Pro)

Here is where you will find all the stats about different things, including

Most valueable players, most valuable team, highest payroll, longest memberships, points league, players by division and much more.

About LiveHockey

About LH Pro

Here you will get information on what is included when you support the game.

LH Shop

And here you can purchase LH Pro amongst other things.


Here is where you can download LHRA Viewer and LHA Manager.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Game Rules

This is where you are now. Most questions can be answered by reading the "game rules". Read these carefully. If you are unclear about anything, ask in the forum.

Tell a Friend

If you would like a friend to also play LiveHockey, use the form under this menu item to tell him/her about the game.

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