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Updated: 2015-12-08 19:52

Your players have to practice in order to get better. Every player improves at their own pace. With the help of a good coach/trainer a player can improve faster on one or more attributes.

On the "training" page you can easily change training for ALL players at the same time using the scroll lists. Select which type of training you wish (for all players at the same time, or individually for each player) and then click on "Update changes" to change player training. You can also see how much training each player has received over the week on Saturday when the training is updated. NOTE - training "dose" is zeroed (set to Low) each Saturday after a player receives his training.

Only players selected and played in ordinary match lineups receive a training dose. Injured players do not receive a training dose. If a reserve is played due to an injury, that player receives the training dose. It is NOT enough to just play a player in PP/BP to get a training dose. A player must play in one of your regular lines.

Goalies: Low = 0 matches, High = 1 or more matches.

Forward/defender: Low = 0 matches, Medium = 1 match and High = 2 or more matches.

Defenders and Forwards

Defenders and forwards have the attributes of speed, shooting, intelligence, aggression, passing, defense, stamina and form.

Defenders and forwards can train on:

  • Speed (Spd)
  • Shooting (Sho)
  • Intelligence (Int)
  • Aggression (Agg)
  • Passing (Pas)
  • Defense (Def)
  • Stamina (Sta)
  • Form (For)


The goalies have som different attributes than defenders and forwards. A goalkeeper, for example, needs not have shooting, but a goalie should have quick reflexes and be smooth.

Goalies can train on:

  • Flexibility (Fle)
  • Reflex (Rfl)
  • Intelligence (Int)
  • Aggression (Agg)
  • Defense (Def)
  • Close Play(Clo)
  • Stamina (Sta)
  • Form (For)

Training factors

Training is updated on the night between Friday and Saturday. For exact times see "What happens when?".

Factors that influence the training progress:

  • The skills of your trainer.
  • The players age (younger players improve quicker than older players).
  • Number of matches played (2 matches for Defenders and forwards and 1 match for Goalies per week is required to receive full training).
  • How high a baseline is on the attribute you are currently training is a factor (it takes less time to train an attribute from 20 to 30 than from, for example, 70 to 80).
  • All attributes for all players can have values between 0 and 100.

Players get training from training matches, but not from friendly matches.

NOTE! There is no guarantee that a player will increase in value with each training update. Look at their improvement over a few weeks to get a more accurate picture. The older a player gets, the greater the risk that a training value becomes negative.

NOTE! Junior players need to be promoted to your team before 00.00AM on Saturday, to receive their first training. In other words, the deadline for promoted players to get their first training is Friday before midnight.

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