Game Rules


Updated: 2016-04-05 20:55

Every season many teams qualify to go up a division or remain in a series.

Qualification is decided in a "match" series, the best of 3 (three) matches. This means that one team must win two of the three games to win the qualification. The results of the game do not matter, just win or lose.

The team that places 9th and 10th in its series must qualify with a team from a lower division that has placed in second place. The team from the higher division has home ice advantage and in event of a 3rd match between the teams, will also have home ice advantage.

In division 7, you can only qualify up, there is no division under 7 so there is no qualifying match down.

A qualifying game cannot end in a tie, the game must be decidedly won. If after 60 minutes of normal time it is a tie, sudden death overtime is played until one team makes a goal. The match is then over.

Computer controlled "bot" teams are teams that do not have an active manager. If a computer controlled team plays a qualifying match against a team with an active manager, the "bot" team loses the game on WO (walkover) with a result of 5-0. If two "bot" teams play each other in a qualifying match, the home team winds on WO with the result 1-0. Bot team names are displayed in italic text.

In a qualifying match the home team receives all of the spectator income.

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