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Updated: 2020-04-23 00:15

Teams placed one through eight in the highest league after finished regular season, participate in the playoffs. The tournament consists of three rounds: quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. All playoff rounds are played in a best of three match series. If a team wins the first two games, a third game is not played.

The playoffs is divided into two pools. The first pool contains the teams that (in the series) finished in places 1, 4, 5, and 8. The second pool contains the teams that (in the series) finished in places 2, 3, 6, and 7. In the quarterfinals team 1 faces team 8, team 2 faces team 7, team 3 faces team 6, and team 4 faces team 5. A team from the first pool may thus not face a team from the second pool until in the finals.

The highest ranked team plays the first match at home, the second game away, and a possible third game at home.

A playoff game cannot end in a tie, the game must be decidedly won. If after 60 minutes of normal time it is a tie, sudden death overtime is played until one team makes a goal. The match is then over.

Playoff bonus

All teams that play in playoffs have a chance to go all the way and win gold. Only one team however will go all the way. The farther your team makes it on this path, the more bonus money you will receive.

Round        Bonus
Quarterfinal   1 000 000 LHD
Semifinal   2 000 000 LHD
Final   4 000 000 LHD
Winner   5 000 000 LHD

Example: Team 1 gets to the quarterfinals. Their opponent is better. Team 1 receives 1 000 000 LHD in bonus. Team 2 wins their quarterfinal match but loses their semi-final match. Team 2 receives bonus money for the quarterfinal (1 000 000 LHD) and semi-final (1 500 000 LHD). Team 2's total bonus is 2 500 000 LHD.

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