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Updated: 2017-01-24 22:17

If a club has many supporters, that is good. The more supporters your team has, the greater the support and therefore spectators at home games (and greater income). All new teams start with 400 supporters in their fan club.

If things start going a bit tough for your team, the supports may get angry and this will result in your having fewer spectators at matches. Small crowds means less income. The mood of your supporters club can easily rub off on the players on the ice.

As your team wins games, more supporters will want to become members of your fan/supporter club. Besides the 250 LHD in income (you receive 250 LHD for every supporter you have at season updates) for each additional member you will receive even more money.

The "mood" of your fan/supporter club is calculated on the 5 (five) previous competative games (training and friendly games do not count). Because at the beginning of the season you do not have 5 games with which to average and the calculations begin at the start of each season (the first league match). If you have only played two games, it is those two matches that are used in the calculation.

Roughly the same principle as mentioned in the above paragraph, supporters react with both going up a division as well as going down a division. Each division has a (secret) benchmark which is factored in to how many supporters join or leave a club. Going down from Division "X" means roughly double the amount of supporters leave when compared to going up to Division "X". As you move up or down directly, you get or lose more supporters than if you move up or down via a qualifying match.

The fan base means a lot to each team. We need to build up a loyal fan base who sticks with and supports our team through thick and thin..

Update supporters

After each game supporters will join or leaving the supporter club. The number enclosed in parentheses are supporters joins or leaving due to seasonal expectations.

Moving up in division

If your team manages to advance up in the league system, your fan base will grow in size.

The number of supporters who join your fan club is dynamic and depends on a few factors. Some of these factors are, which division you play in, the size of your current fan club, the supporter benchmark for the new division you will be moving into. Teams that play in Elit and end up among the first four places will receive a supporter bonus based upon your current supporter club and a fast benchmark number.

To advance as a series winner will give you a larger proportion of supporters that join rather than if you advance from winning a qualifying match.

Moving down in a division

If your team ends up falling out of the current division to a lower level, supporters will quit your club.

The number of supporters that leave your fan club is based upon several factors. Some of the factors that come into play are, which division you are currently in, the current size of your fan club and the supporter benchmark number for the division you will be playing in next season.

Automatically moving down (without qualifying match) will give you a larger loss of supporters than if your team loses it's qualifying games and has to go down a division.


For each season so presents the fanclub their expectations of what the team should achieve. Based on the previous season's results so hope the fans that the team will climb at least one position compared to last season. If the team is very rich will raise expectations even more. Depends on how the team live's up to the expectations will either more or less fans to join the fanclub. This is something that appears in parenthesis () on the supporters-page.

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