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Updated: 2016-11-08 15:30

Economy is vital for any team. Players wages are paid once a week, as are other expenses. Be careful not to accumulate too much debt.

Economy is divided into weeks. When you register a new team, you will receive an intial lump sum of 5 000 000 LHD. With this you must learn to balance the inital expenses. There might even be some left over to buy a player.

Only the amount that is "visible" in your account is the money available to bid on players with.

Your economy is always available a few weeks back in time. If you have LH Pro, you also get a sum per season.

Interest Rate

There are two types of interest in LiveHockey, savings rates and loan rates. The interest rate you receive is set by the game leaders and may be changed as required.

To figure out how much money you receive in interest during a week, take "money in the account" × 0.035 ÷ 13 (days). Note that maximum savings rate per week is 200 000 LHD. This upper limit is controlled by the game leaders and may be changed as required.

Revenue from Media

All tournament matches on LiveHockey have a fictional media interest. With this media interest comes income. This income is based on the size of the media interest and is estimated to be based on the conditions for the match. Some factors that make a difference are your placement in the series and that of your opponent. Meeting a top placed or middle placed team is more interesting than meeting a team in the bottom ranking. If two higher ranked teams meet, the media interest is greater and generates more revenue. All league matches, qualifying matches and placement matches receive "home team" revenue. With Cup matches, the media support is shared equally between both teams.


If a club's finances are not equal to the expenses, the club will go bankrupt. If your team goes bankrupt, you will lose your team and have to wait in the queue to take over a new team. If you have a negative balance in your bank account, you will not be able to bid on players and the like. The bankruptcy limit is -5 000 000 LHD. If you have a large deficit, it is likely your club will go bankrupt. No team is automatically declared bankrupt with a -5 000 000 deficit, but, the team is put under the supervision of volunteer game master who keeps an eye on the manager making sure that he/she is trying to reduce his/her deficiency. If no attempt to reduce the deficiency is made, the team will be declared bankrupt over the season updates.


The team board provides you information about your economy forecast. By looking at the average income and expenses and what's on the team account so will the board give you a comment about your current status. The board wont limit you to do what you want with your team account. You have the full responsability for the economy of your team.

The board looks at:
Income(player sales and pricemoney excluded)
Expenses (bought players excluded)
And this for 18 weeks back in time (slightly more than one season) to be able to predict future incomes and expenses.

When your economy is positive so looks the board at how positive the account is within specific levels 0-20, 20-200, 200+ millions. The board accepts you having negative average results as long you doesn’t risks to drain your account 18 weeks ahead in time. When this happens so will the board warn you that its time to see over your costs and perhaps sell expensive players.

When your economy is negative so looks the board on how bad the account is within specific levels 0- -5, -5 millions and worse. Then the board looks on how the average is for the past 18 weeks and compares them with the average for the past 5 weeks. If you have taken recent actions to save your economy so will the board note this. If the average result will bring your account to positive within the next 5 weeks so will the board cool down or otherwise shout even louder.

If you find yourself in economics problems and have a hard time to solve them, don’t hesitate to contact the LiveHockey management.

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