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Updated: 2017-08-21 12:36

All users of LiveHockey have the opportunity to write in the forums. However, certain rules must ALWAYS be followed. These rules are basically about common sense. Think about how you express yourself and show respect for others. Users who do not follow these rules risk being removed from the game.


Any posts of an offensive or insulting nature, or posts that violate any law or regulation in force are not allowed. For example, racist, pornographic or similar type posts. It is also not allowed to use profanity or other words that may be considered offensive. Both whole profanity and/or slang words are prohibited. It is accepted to express ones opinions, but there are ways to do it without profanity or unnecessary foul language. Please use accepted, refined language and keep to a good tone in all posts.

Respect that others as well have opinions and respect their opinions. Even if you have different opinions, discussions must always be kept to an acceptable level. Personal attacks or the like are NOT permitted.

Use clear headings that show what your thread is about. It is not allowed to simply write in capital letters to draw attention to a thread/post. Excessive use of question marks, exclamation marks and the like is not allowed.

Stay on topic. Answers and comments should be relevant to the topic mentioned in the title. Do not take over a discussion not related to a thread. No new questions unrelated to the topic heading, therefore no "kidnapping" a topic/thread. Create a new thread topic instead.

Spam, multiple posts/threads with the same content are not permitted.

The forum is NOT an advertising place. It is NOT permitted to advertise or otherwise promote any other company, product or game other than LiveHockey on our website.

Discussions with regards to cheating and banning of managers is not allowed in the forums. If you suspect cheating, report it by using the link "Report Cheating".

It is not allowed to discuss any "official" decision in the forum (example, the removal of a thread, suspension of a manager). If you have questions or comments regarding a decision made by the management, please contact Game management via the addresses listed under "Contact Us".

Do not "play" forum police or moderator. LiveHockey has assigned forum moderators who are happy to answer any and all questions.

In order to keep order in the forums there are a number of designated LiveHockey Moderators who have the rights to edit any and all inappropriate messages or words in their designated forums. Respect them and their decisions. If you have a complaint about a Moderator, contact the game management at the addresses listed under "Contact Us".

Development Suggestions

If you have any ideas on improving LiveHockey, that may be done in the forum "Development Suggestions".

» Development Suggestions

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