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Updated: 2016-06-01 09:10

You have the ability to send messages to other users on LiveHockey. Be sure to enter the username you wish to send to correctly, upper and lower case. A message may contain a maximum of 2000 characters. If you write in the "subject" line it is easier for the recipient to see what the message is about.

If you wish to read messages that have been sent to you, click on the "Messages" menu item. Messages from your team management or your team "board" will be send displayed in Italics. These messages cannot be answered.

Use correct language

It is not allowed to send messages that are offensive or could be perceived as offensive. LiveHockey reserves the right to remove messages of this type and turn off users who do so.You are NOT allowed to advertise for players (i.e. send a message about a player to other members). If you wish to advertise your players, do so in the forum "Players for Sale".


It is not allowed to spam other users on LiveHockey. You are not allowed to advertise for other games or other services on LiveHockey's servers.

Formatting press releases

If you want to spice up your press release may use the tags below to get italic, underline and bold the text. You can also add horizontal lines in your press releases.

A tip for you to write a press release. Do you have something new to communicate? Then create a new press release instead of writing over an existing press release. Otherwise, there is no history of what you have written.

To get bold text:
[b]Your text[-b]

To get italics:
[i]Your text[-i]

To get the underlined text:
[u]Your text [-u]

To add a line:

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