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Youth Section

Updated: 2018-02-11 20:22

Youth Section is your junior section; the players you promote to your team (not purchased). You can put money into developing activities to improve the quality of your junior players. Keep in mind that this is a long term investment.

When you first receive your team, your Youth Section has a status of 60. If you choose not to spend money on further developing your youth section, it will slowly sink down to 0 (zero). To promote a junior player to your team, your youth section must have a status of 60 or more. The scale ranges between 0 and 100. Only the highest investment enables your youth section to reach a status of 100.

The higher the status you have in your youth section, the higher chance you have of promoting a good junior to your team.

The youth section status increases progressively, i.e. the progress is rapid at lower levels and decreases at higher levels. How much and how fast your status increases depends on how much money you invest in your youth section.

When you promote a junior player to your team, the status of your youth section decreases by 8%. You can compare this with reality. If you promote a player from your youth team, the status of the junior team will be a little worse off since they lose one of their better players.

You can promote one junior player per week. You are able to choose which position the junior will play on the team. The cost of promoting a junior player to your senior team is 25 000 LHD.

The cost for running the youth section is debited at monday morning, when your economy is updated (see "What happens when?").

Each time a player is sold to a new club, the "parent" club receives 5% of the transfer fee.

The age of a junior is always between 17 and 19 years old. 18 and 19 year olds get bonus stages randomly distributed in their attributes, when compared to a 17 year old. The probability of getting a player of a certain age is:

  • 17 years old - 85%
  • 18 years old - 10%
  • 19 years old - 5%

Investment Limit

You may invest different amounts into your Youth Section each week. These different amounts could result in making your youth section better or worse. There is a ceiling or roof that your status can reach if you invest a specific amount.

Investment   Max status
0 LHD   10
50 000 LHD   30
150 000 LHD   90
300 000 LHD   100

Status change

Status changes are made at different rates, depending on how high the investment is and how high the status is:

Status 0 LHD 50 kLHD 150 kLHD 300 kLHD
90-100 -6 -4 -1 1
80-89 -6 -4 1 2
60-79 -5 -3 2 5
40-59 -4 -2 3 6
30-39 -3 1 4 7
20-29 -2 2 5 8
10-19 -1 3 6 9
0-9 1 4 7 10

Example 1
Your youth section has a status of 40. You choose to invest 150 000 LHD per week. Your youth section status will increase by 3 steps, to 43, at next update.

Example 2
Your youth section has a status of 40. You choose to invest 50 000 LHD per week. Your youth section status will decrease by 2 steps, to 38, at next update.

Stopping or reducing your investment

If you lower or remove your investment in your youth section, its status will quickly drop off. If you choose 0 LHD for your investment, the youth section will drop quickly initially, and keep dropping until status reaches below 40.
Example: You put in 300 000 LHD per week and have a status of 92. You lower you investment to 50 000 LHD. Your status will then decline by 4 steps the first week, and proceed down to 40 (the maximum level for 50 000 LHD investment/week).

Nationalities of Juniors

When you promote a junior to your team, you can choose nationality.


  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • USA

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